11 Vehicles in the Off-Road Expo Parking Lot

Oct. 12, 2016 By Josh Burns
There was no shortage of awesome rigs inside the walls of Off-Road Expo.

The off-road industry recently gathered in Southern California for Off-Road Expo at the Pomona Fairplex, which offered a weekend full of racer demos, new products, vehicles test drives, project rigs on display and a whole lot more.

This Bilstein Ford Bronco build was just one of the many rigs that stood out inside the show, but we also saw some pretty cool stuff just in the parking lot. 

Although there were a ton of awesome vehicles inside the walls of Expo, we also came across quite a few awesome vehicles in the parking lot. It’s always interesting to see the daily drivers of off-road enthusiasts, so we compiled a collection of 11 cool off-road rigs we saw in the lot at this year’s show.

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This single-cab Ram pre-runner certainly caught our attention. With the amount of axially lighting on this bad boy, we’d definitely want this truck to lead the way on a Baja night run!

This murdered-out Wrangler JKU gets the award for best follow through on theme with the D Vader custom plate.

Is this one of D Vader's storm troopers? We love this super-clean Chevy Silverado Z71. 

Maybe it’s just us, but every time we see a Baja Bug we get the itch to pull up Craigslist and start hunting for our new project vehicle. 

Apparently some of the off-road contingent are down with the small Jeep SUVs, like this brand new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk we spotted. 

This Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport looks like it’s chased a few off-road races in its time.

Wait a minute… an EcoBoost Ford Raptor already? They aren't even out yet. Hmmm, maybe the license plate “WAN2B” tells the full story. Yeah, we see you on the windshield, Han. 

This Nissan Frontier-based prerunner looks like it just got off the trail. 

We spied the Ford Bronco of Off-Road.com contributor and friend of the site Art Eugenio from GETSOMEphoto.com. Lookin' good! We just hope the new Bronco will be half as cool as the old one.  

Just seeing if you’re paying attention. 

The Jeep Cherokee is a great, relatively inexpensive, off-road platform, and this was just one of many clean XJs we came across at this year’s show.

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