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Polaris Features Polaris, located among some prime snowmobile territory in Medina, MN, began as a manufacturer of snow machines way back in 1954.

LATEST Polaris Features

  • Polaris Debuts 2011 Snowmobile Lineup

    Continuing a tradition built on more than 55 years as the industry leader in snowmobile ride and handling, Polaris Industries Inc. unveiled its 2011 model line-up.

    Mar. 22, 2010
  • Ask the SnowMan: Your Questions Answered

    Questions about suspension, bearing replacement, track repair, 2009 Nytro XTX handwarmers and more.

    Nov. 13, 2009
  • Ask the SnowMan: Your Questions Answered

    Get a lesson on the Ski-Doo 600 SDI, the Polaris 800, and shopping tips for where to best spend less than $8-grand on a sled.

    Oct. 07, 2009
  • Dirt Sleds for Year-Round Riding

    RMSHA racer Trevor Erickson spearheaded the concept and contacted ZBroz Racing to help with the project. Before long Trevor had a Polaris IQ600RR ready to be ridden in the dirt. Black Diamond Extreme also got in on the project and had a Arctic Cat Sno Pro

    Aug. 17, 2009
  • 2010 Polaris Snowmobile Line Up

    There is no doubt that the RUSH is a big deal in the Polaris lineup, but don't make the mistake in assuming that the only thing Polaris is doing for 2010 is giving us a new trail weapon.

    Apr. 13, 2009
  • Ask The SnowMan: Your Sledding Questions Answered

    Ice scratchers, riding mountain sleds on groomed trails, and time for new rings on the 'Cat.

    Mar. 01, 2009
  • Ask the SnowMan: Your Sledding Questions Answered

    I have a 1999 700 mountain max and want to put delta force reeds and power incorporated pipes on, and wonder if I have to fatten up my jets and what kind of hp gain will I get? The answers to this and MORE of your questions.

    Dec. 01, 2008
  • 2009 Mountain Snowmobiles Ride Impressions

    Our test riders favored the Ski-Doo Summit machines in both 600 and 800 engine sizes over other sleds we rode. Check out the full story of how the 2009 mountain sleds performed.

    Nov. 17, 2008
  • Ask the SnowMan: Your Questions Answered

    In Tony's first installment in this helpful technical series, he addresses Reader Questions on which sled to buy, wiring problems, track selection and riding tips. Enjoy - and you might learn something.

    Oct. 30, 2008
  • First Ride: 2009 600-Class Snowmobiles

    Getting the chance to ride is the best part of writing any vehicle review for Off-Road.com, so check out what our test riders thought of the latest 600-class sleds.

    Oct. 28, 2008
  • Review: 2009 600-Class Trail Snowmobiles

    For 2009 the 600 class is as hot as ever with two new engines from Ski-Doo, chassis updates from Arctic Cat on their F-series, a new Dragon SP from Polaris, and suspension upgrades on the Nytro from Yamaha.

    Oct. 10, 2008
  • New 2009 Cross-Over Snowmobiles

    Are you looking for a well-rounded snowmobile that is equally as capable on the trail as it is off-trail in the powder? We look at Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and Ski-Doo cross-overs, just for you.

    Sep. 26, 2008
  • 2009 Mountain Snowmobiles Review

    We break down the latest mountain-riding, snow-loving offerings from Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and Ski-Doo.

    Apr. 28, 2008
  • 2009 Snowmobile Models Sneak Peak

    Technical overview and photos of the new snowmobiles from Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and Polaris.

    Mar. 24, 2008
  • 2008 Polaris 600RR Test and Review

    Jerry Bassett tells us all about Polaris' new 600rr. Is this the sled for you?

    Sep. 01, 2007
  • Polaris Dragon 800 Named "Snowmobile of the Year"

    Off-Road.com snowmobile test riders went looking for a machine that handles a variety of terrain and snow conditions, has lots of power, is lightweight, and a good value.

    May. 01, 2007
  • 2007 Polaris 340 LX

    2007 340 LX

    Aug. 08, 2006
  • 2007 Polaris 600 HO IQ CFI

    2007 600 HO IQ CFI

    Jul. 01, 2006
  • 2007 Polaris FST IQ Cruiser

    2007 FST IQ Cruiser

    Jul. 01, 2006
  • 2007 Polaris 600 HO IQ LX CFI

    2007 600 HO IQ LX CFI

    Jul. 01, 2006